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GOUTHAM B.ed  COLLEGE  of Education for Coeducation was established the mission of providing quality education to trainee teachers through the B. Ed courses. Along with a sound theoretical base, the students are given a wide exposure to practical work. The B. Ed. students are sent to various schools of the city for their teaching practice programme.

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GOUTHAM B.ed  COLLEGE Content-area and methods knowledge—often also includes ways of teaching and assessing a specific subject, in which case this area may overlap with the first (“foundational”) area. There is increasing debate about this aspect; because it is no longer possible to know in advance what kind of knowledge and skill pupils will need when they enter adult life, it becomes harder to know what kinds of knowledge and skill teachers should have. Practice at classroom teaching or at some other form of educational practice. Practice can take the form of field observations, student teaching, or an internship

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